Maine Coon Cat Grooming with The Pet Maven petmaven   4 года назад


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A demonstration and tutorial of a full cat grooming of a Maine Coon cat. Tips and techniques to cat grooming; including cat bathing, cat blow-drying, cat brushing, cat combing, cat haircut and hair styling.

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2 недели назад

Lilly Magnolia

Wonderful info.

3 недели назад

Marlom Ruivo

Who in the world would dislike this?? ,😔🙁

3 недели назад

Candis C

WOW! Biggie's look after grooming was tremendous! He turned into one sexy cat ready to take on any other cat outdoors. Great job Pet Maven!

1 месяц назад

George Kolotouros

Beautiful cat . He's big .

1 месяц назад

Alexandra Brunn

This cat it's one of the best i youtube and olso very good groomers and ...but no-one seems to care that they are doing all this in the kitchen 😁

1 месяц назад


Aww...Im loving Biggie.. 😊❤ Good job Pet Maven.My cat's no Maine Coon, but her attitude doubles her size at To bathe her I put on a long sleeved sweater because she climbs all over me (cats and water, even warm water) and those claws... but she generally tucks her tail in for most of her bath and endures to to the end. Dry off time is tricky, No blow drier I burrito her and cover her face lightly to calm her down and towel roll the majority of the water off of her, then in moments (when I can get close enough... cuz were not friends for a while after that I sneak brush her coat which is thin enough to air dry, she also grooms herself naturally once she escapes the bath towel... that's my kitty! 😊

1 месяц назад

Agrx Drowflow

Pretty kitty! I love how he's so patient.

1 месяц назад

You Forget A 1000 Things A Day

She named him Biggie. #Respect

1 месяц назад

Kurt Robinson

wow that cat is beautiful - can't believe how well behaved he is -

1 месяц назад

l lree

Such a good cat

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