League of Legends Thresh montage! - Mòrtage 4 Thamort93   1 год назад


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• Decided to make a montage with mostly Thresh footage, but there are som bonus clips at the end with other champions :D I'm pretty happy with most of the plays in this montage so i hope you guys like it!

• Songname: Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away [NCS Release]

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1 год назад


Cool Montage sick hooks bro :) + 1 sub would be cool if u could take a Look at my new thresh Montage too^^

1 год назад

1 год назад


Always remember: The support carries! :DNice vid

1 год назад

Nicholas Kessler

Standard Thresh play. Every Support player plays Thresh. He is the standard support. He can do it all. Thresh is the safe go to support for every League player. I'm really bored with the 50 "muh epic Silver Thresh montages" that get posted everyday.

1 год назад

Linh Nguyen

wow!Nice plays.

1 год назад

Jan Hendrickx

Really nice video man! Keep up the insane plays! :)

1 год назад

Larsson lol

well done !!! <3

1 год назад



1 год назад

1 год назад

andreas jordal

Mort kan du gjøre ap zed challange?

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