Matchbox 20 - Bed of Lies CoryS31   9 лет назад


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Matchbox 20 - Bed of Lies

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2 месяца назад

Amber Rebbe

I love how it makes me feel. it's a blend of sad and happy and proud.

3 месяца назад


dead right about their songs dredging up memories. As for myself and husband of 20 years matchbox 's songs damn near all of them word for word has verses in them that absolutely had happened in our past. In September we almost called it quits. About 4 weeks ago we we're listening to the radio and leave came on then back 2 good. Those 2 songs pulled us together. Feelings we never knew we had for each other after 20 years were found . Strange I know. I thank , love and greatly appreciate , most of all Rob Thomas. When he sings it is like he is ripping the words right from his gut. So as for anyone who doesn't like his music obviously has never had true love. From the bottom of my heart and soul my husband and I will always have a huge amount of love and support for Matchbox 20 and their music.

6 месяцев назад

Alexander Matson

I feel like the only reason people dislike Matchbox Twenty is the memories it brings up and how it makes people feel.

11 месяцев назад


This is what I need right now!

1 год назад

Teri Baker

love matchbox they are awesome live he sings with so much passion

1 год назад

Jared Graham

Nicki Mi-what now?

1 год назад

Grace Davis


1 год назад

Shelby Dobies


1 год назад

Priscilla Bennett

One of their best songs that doesn't get enough credit.

1 год назад

Tara Lambert

I can honestly say that I love every song MB20 has ever done.  I cannot say that about any other band or album.

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