ARAB SONGS IN REAL LIFE 2 - اغاني في حياتنا DespicableNadine   4 года назад


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Songs used, in order of occurrence:

Ramy Ayash ft Maya Diab - Nib2a Sawa
Tamer Hosny - 3aynayay Bet7ebak
Lemma Bemshi 3al Rasif
Ayman Zbib - Shou Ba3milek
Nancy Ajram - Ehsas Jdid
Wael Kfoury - Badi Yak
Halla Walla
George Wassouf - Youm Al Wada3
Mo3ein Sherif - Habibi Ya Amal Bokra
Maya Nasri - Rouh
Ayman Zabeeb - Neb2a Sawa
Sherine - Nafse Afham Leh
George Wassouf - Ana Asef
Wael Kfoury - Enteh Fallayt
Wael Kfoury - Shu Imet
Nancy Ajram - Oul Tany Kida
Fares Karam - Waslou Al Arsan
Fares Karam - Samra


1 год назад

mohd majid

yaar koi yeh song ka naam bolo english mai jo first mai hai

1 год назад

Its Elizaaa

I can't find halla walla

2 года назад

H. Kaan

Hahahaha yikhreb betkon ma a7la hal video hahahahaba

2 года назад

Fazil Rahman

Where is this girl. Not active now

3 года назад


thanks for the sub. I don't understand a single word but still I love the Arabic language :)))

3 года назад

dahoomy- balain


3 года назад

Benzagouta Mohamed Lamine

هههههه غيرت رأيي، عجبني الفيديو، عجبتني "هلا والله"

3 года назад

beyong see

@algerian algeria - you're a hypocrite! Many Muslims like you. You saw the title of the video titled...Arab songs in real life. And YET, you click and watch the video. What that mean, huh? That you clicked on music, and if you believe what you believe, music is haram huh? So what you chatting about you hypocrite. Most of you and not all, but MOST women with Hijabs and men like you are worse kind. Black stabbers, backbiters, slanders, and cheating on other men's wives.Now, mind your own damn business and piss off back to your tribe. or Algeria. Arab guy here and we slap people like you silly. Picking on girls like that. Ridiculous.If I was her brother and you said that to her, I'd beat you to ground.

3 года назад

imad merhi

Very impressive.. keep it on ;)

4 года назад

Sabrina H.

You might think she's doing something bad but then why are you paying attention to it?

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