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Now remembering our Dad who died 21 October, 2013.

Thanks views and commentst! A short video on the life of our Mom to emphasis her listening to others in her advocacy on mental health issues. As said in one of her fav movies "Goodness is the greatest force in the world", Her advocacy showed that in the legacy she left us. Caregiving is what I think when I think of Mom, especially in the lens of the work of Dr. Ann Burack-Weiss (Mom wanted to meet her).

Rita Ann Bernadette Harding Wright, mom of 9, 4 grandchildren. Born Chicago, IL ( Saint Viator parish, Kedvale at Addison), 1932; died 11/15/2006, Newton NJ.

In 2012, missing our sister who died August 10. We were 9 children and she had the family gatherings after our Mom's death. Always in our hearts Mary. Thinking of Mary in terms of caregiving. Mary was a big ally the first 6 months of 2012 in garnering support for our brother and sister both hospitalized. Mary was right there to support in how she could! Our Dad is now somewhat adrift as he often just sat with her during the days. She became the center of this family the 6 years after Mom died. A tough time for our Dad who visited Mary almost daily.

Second generation Croatian-American mother (heimat: Vrboska, on Hvar), and Irish-American father. Mostly raised by her beloved Irish Catholic matriarch grandmother (Agnes), aunts, uncles. Two brothers she loved. Mom was the middle child, only daughter/sister.

My Mom had the genes of her Croatian greatgrandparents. They brought their 9 children on the boat to start a new life in Chicago. My GreatGreatGrandfather was a diver oft in the Chicago River as he died in the Adriatric Sea of his heimat. A true Dalmatian!

The old Catholic social conscience, the Kennedy family her heroes. Carmelite nun Aunt, another Aunt the Mother Superior of Sisters of Providence (Owens Hall, St Mary of the Woods, IN). we were raised in Niles, then Park Ridge, IL (Mary Seat of Wisdom, Sisters of Mercy). Her paternal grandparents helped in the establishment of Saint Viator's church, donating a stained glass window, bejeweled chalices. My Mom loved the inclusive church of Pope John XXIII, not the orthodoxy.

In 1969, to the west.. Lakewood, Colorado.. with lasting friends! Then family move to Green Township, Newton, NJ in1971. Our Mom raised the kids, later to work for the Department of the Army, Picatinny Arsenal, from which she retired. On retiring, she divorced and bought a house for herself.

Our Mom raised 9 children, all of whom graduated high school, enjoyed grandchildren, maintained houses, was a wife, had several part time jobs, then working fulltime after her children were raised. She had the time to volunteer, most significantly in a variety of offices with the Alliance for the Mentally Ill. She advocated and listened to many without judgment.

Posthumously, the Sussex County NJ Freeholders thanked her for years of advocacy. Her funeral had a sheriff's escort. An "honor" as my Mom generally phoned the police to complain about the jail time for people in lieu of mental health treatment.

Mom had a bumper sticker "I read banned books" for years. She donated money to a host of organizations.. People for the American Way, Community Service Society of NYC. She loved the promise of the Kennedy family. I first heard great praise of Barack Obama from Mom, a real politics follower. Our Mom was a Park Ridge mom, same time and town of Hillary Clinton, but she loved Obama and admired Tipper Gore. Our Mom lived in a prosperous county but would be horrified by the self satisfied modern day tea party types! Of course, a real Chicago Democrat political gal!

Mom loved books, Christmas, Alfred Hitchcock films, gardening peonies and children. She had a house but life was more than keeping house! Her first grandchild played professional minor league baseball signed from high school! Countless photos of children, their partners, grandchildren abounded. She was there for her grandchildren when their parents acted up! Her passing leaves a gulf in their lives.

Mom is buried on a hill overlooking the town of her last 35 years. (birthplace of Janeane Garofalo). Her death so sudden. Remembrances from so many... farmer friends, other Moms from her years as a young Mother, most of all the stories of the people she oft listened to, the people often others shun. Of course, we children had a Mom we could phone at any hour and she would answer and listen to us. Thanks Mom. A beautiful person to know and love. Always in our hearts.

Thanks also for watching. Amazed to see from around the world: NJ, Illinois, Indiana, CA, Colorado, PA, NV, NY, CT to Alaska (46 states); then France, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Mexico, El Salvador, Ghana, Nigeria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Ireland, Oman, Australia, Malta, UK, Saudi Arabia , Israel, the Philippines and South Korea! thanks much!

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Pleased to have shared the video and story of my Mom with others again. My prayer these days is that her/our family has compassion for each other, will prosper, find meaning in each of our lives, and make our parents proud.

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Sun Queen


3 года назад

Vanessa S Monsalve

The loss of a parent at any age is difficult and involves going through the five stages of death and dying. The remembrance is beautifully done and is like a longitudinal case study in which her life story is told through photos. This is an example of how a women can balance motherhood to 9 kids and also find time to help people suffering from mental illness.

3 года назад

Tiffany Lewis

I really enjoyed watching the video of your mother, Rita Wright. She seemed like a beautiful, hardworking, and intelligent woman. I know it must have been tough raising 9 children but I know she did a great job. I love how the video shows pictures of her certificate of recognition. She contributed to the mental health community, which means she gave back to her community. When a person gives back to their community that is always a positive sign and shows they are a good samaritan. Even though I do not know her, Rita looks very happy in all pictures. I can tell by the way she looks she loved and cared for her family a lot and that is a wonderful blessing. It is sad she had to go but she now is in a better place watching over her family. You guys now have your own angel to turn to when needed. R.I.P Rita Wright, an amazing mother and wonderful grandmother.- Tiffany Lewis

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Raven Maysonet

Very sorry for your loss I send my condolences to you and your family. This video is a good piece to remember her by and now the whole world can see what she has accomplished and her legacy she has left behind. To her children and grand children. These are very beautiful images - Raven

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marjorie lewis

I did not know Rita Wright but after watching this video you can tell she lived a wonderful life. She was a mom of 9 which is a blessing. She did a lot throughout her life. She has a lot of children and grandchildren to carry out her name. It was amazing that she was the first person recognized by her county for advocacy and commitment and caring for people in the mental health community. She was recognized with a certificate for her contribution as she should have. May your mom rest in peace.

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Proud to share thoughts of our Mom this summer, 2013. The lens change, the sweep of life brings much but we had a Mom who loved me and my siblings, did her best, and had the respect and love of many. Thanks Mom for being you.

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Sandy Ochoa

Your mother must be smiling down on you for having her remembered in such a wonderful way,

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On the eve of the 6th year since my/our Mom died. Another world particularly with the death of our sibling this August, the first of us 9 to die. Our Dad is in decline especially since the death of our Mary. Everyday the thoughts of our Mom as well as knowing she loved each of us and wanted us all to be happy living our lives.

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A beautiful email sent to me today about the video and my Mom. "All is good. NAMI is thriving. I don't know what would have happened if your mom hadn't held on to the cause to keep it going. She was a true blessing for those in need. I'll never forget her and am very honored to have know her. Keep happy....that is what she would have wanted. You have a beautiful family."

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