Clownfish Mermaid | One-piece Mermaid Tail | Stella the Siren Stella the Siren   4 года назад


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Two mermaids, one with a one-piece clownfish mermaid tail and one with a flowered mermaid tail.
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This is my first premaditatedly fish-inspired tail. I bought the fabric in a little shop in Amsterdam. Heleen picked out the fabric for her own tail. I made both tails, although mine was so much work, I don't think I'll ever make one so complicated again.

Music is "Lily's theme" by Alexandre Desplat and "Little Alice" by Danny Elfman.
The pool is Boerhaavebad in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Many thanks to the crew over there for letting us into the deep pool!

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2 дня назад

Iori Natsumi Villalobos Macias

No son sirenas :(

1 неделя назад

Graceffa Girl

how would u get out of your tail in case of an emergency?

2 недели назад

Sabrina Orozco

Can I have 1 of them

2 недели назад


How much does this tail costs?

2 недели назад

Natylia Foster

Sooo pretty. You look like a character right out of a WaterFire book.

3 недели назад

Лариса Убанкина

невероятно красивое видео

3 недели назад



1 месяц назад

1 месяц назад

paws claws and flippers

I really wish they sold the clownfish one but she made it dang it

1 месяц назад

spøøky bri

Do y'all hold your breath or breathe between scenes or sum

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