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So proud that the death of man in a sex sting resulted in many policy and advocacy changes. I mention the death in this vid. Today, I read a press release one year later about the situation. http://1coin.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/press-release/

Hello from Newark NJ.. the pools are great, folks learn to swim! (RIP so many who drown not knowing basic swim safety!) This year my Pashtun neighbors have their first experience in a pool. Cullen Jones, the Olympiad, has oft swam here. This is my Life in a day (24 July 2010) submission. Hello YouTube! just back from my public pool in Newark NJ. I love da pool! A great swim! My hair still wet! Hope the pool stays open! There are budget issues and talk of closing the pool. I have grandfather friends who learned to swim here 40 years ago, now their grandkids! The pool may be closed due to budget crisis but the hood talk that there is money for things like undercover sex sting ops about dogging. A man was killed in the park across the street this past week, RIP. A killing involving young buff undercovers in bushes doing a sex sting. Dunno.. fighting for money for kids, the pool. Adults use the pool as well! We need some good social enterprise thinkers! Thanks YouTube for a glimpse of today! Enjoy world.


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hello there! happy December

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whats up doc. how you been.Omar

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