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I just wanted to share my own experience in resuscitating my SD card and saving bucks from buying a new one. And i want to be your hero and save your day. lol

The main point of this process is to restore the original shape of your SD card if it was damaged mechanically. And also fixing the SD card lock issue aka "card write protected" error on your camera and other devices.

SAMSUNG S3 Front Camera for filming
Sony Vegas Pro 11 for editing

I used:
Cutter, Scissors, Nail File and Super Glue for this quick fix.

Plus you will need:
Minimal skill, patience and risk taking attitude because YOLO. lol

I hope this video helped you, Thank you for watching!

If you already liked this video, commented and subscribed to my channel, the last step is to follow me on instagram. because im an attention whore. And yes, im a drama queen sometimes, that explains the repeated reference to "crying" when my SD card was bound to be doomed. Follow at your own risk. ;-)

See you around!

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1 неделя назад

Poke hacker

Youre a cute girl!!!!

2 недели назад

Gfdf Perte

Does she do Porn ?

2 недели назад

Ayub Shah

I have the same problem but my small mobile 32GB SD card was broken in my wallet but now its not wroking when i inserted this card in my mobile or in card reader it cant work so there is any possibilty to repair it or not?

2 месяца назад

Gary Dash

am i the only 1 who thought the way she waz staring at the camera waz creepy

2 месяца назад

Luis Gómez

nice treak and funny tutorial thanks!

2 месяца назад

Viviana Castro

Wow thank you for this video!! It worked!!

2 месяца назад


Back in old days, you could put tape on a pre-recorded cassette tape to record over what was already on it.PLEASE READ THE NEXT SENTENCE CAREFULLY :-)I'm not sure if the tape needs to be on or off, on these SD cards to STOP it from being written to or enabling it to be written to.-The tape might do anything, because you aren't blocking a light beam with clear tape.Did you try it first with NO tape?

3 месяца назад

virender singh

my memory card is broken ho=mw can i get my data back its very important for me please help me my contact number is 9728293100

3 месяца назад

Anime4 Mii

perhaps do you play pokemon go?

3 месяца назад


I had 2 cards to repair.The first one needed 4 (!) layers to work. Unfortunately the card itself is broken now, so doesn't matter :DBut the second one needed only 1 layer, and works perfectly! (y) <3

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