VARS TOURNAMENT Quarter Finals - Phil Casabon VS Gus Kenworthy FeelFreeSki   3 года назад


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7 месяцев назад


Lol he says no excuses right after he gives one.

8 месяцев назад

David Avila

what's name name of the skiing pants the referee has?

10 месяцев назад


2:40 phil ate shit xD

1 год назад

aimilios christodoulakis

What's the jacket Gus is wearing?

1 год назад

Gaspard Dujardin

Name of the first song ?

2 года назад

Albin Samuelsson

Phil is the most steeeeziest guy on Earth!

2 года назад

Mike Knoth

gus lost because of his gaper gap at the end

2 года назад


gus' lack of style is fatal... yuck

2 года назад

Chillabeez TJ

phil sooooo much style !

2 года назад


Whats the name of the second song??

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