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This week on Seven Super Girls is.. Expectation Versus Reality - Jenna is very excited for summer vacation! She has lots of fun and exciting things planned... or does she? Watch and find out what Jenna expected versus what is her reality. For a chance to get a shout out in next weeks video comment down below your summer plans or what you are looking forward to this summer!

Thanks for watching.. see you next week!

Music by Kevin MacLeod: Wallpaper

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3 дня назад

Katherine Hatziliad

l really love you shirt jenna

1 неделя назад

Isménie Predesmat

I,m looking forward to seeing you

1 неделя назад

Nawshin Ahmed

2 and 1/2 months of summer lucky we have 6 weeks

2 недели назад


who wacthing in 2017

2 недели назад

Sarah sarah fulk

hey Jenna can you mail me a trolls card and makeup and Claire s too cuz this saturday it my birthday party so please hurry ho ok friend

1 месяц назад


Jeffy might say this is reality highhhhh

1 месяц назад

Kailey Pacia

are you famis

1 месяц назад

Shahad Mohamed


1 месяц назад

Rachel Ros

This is Teddy 🐶 He has no friends 1 like = 1 Freind1 Comment = Shoutout I hope teddy feels better 😉

1 месяц назад

SoccerSkillz 80

I'm looking forward to settling in at my new house

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